This is a water tank my neighbour had that got burnt in the fires I am going to use it on the fish farm. not sure how yet, I can weld plastic this might be to far gone.


We have had good rains again this year so everything is full.


Also some things from around the local farms that will make good fish habitat ,old pipe old cement troughs and some cypress logs that I cut the centre out of to make a hollow and lots of rocks.


From the ashes

During the recent fires many old native trees and native animals died and while some fell over by them selves some had to be cut down because  they had become dangerous I have used some as fish habitat.

The decaying roots of these trees  are now  home to the fungi they are in abundance and will be until the temperatures rise in the spring.



We need more fires

Under all that willow was a river and it took a fire to find it, this part of the Curdies was  hidden from view until the Saint Patrick day  fire burnt a lot of the non native trees .

The earth moving contractor has done a great job not only has he removed the willows he has left the stumps to rot and then poisoned the stumps.

it looks great and I look forward to native trees and grasses to be replanted and native fish like blackfish to be encouraged and stocked to provide locals and visitors with a true fishing experience.




Feeding the fish moths see how the fish hide under the floating habitat, I have this habitat for more than ten years some people are just starting to wake up to its benefits.


This little fish survived the Saint Patricks fires and looks healthy if not a bit hungry , no insects about because there is not vegetation left around the ponds.

I am delighted they survived now I need to get the bird netting up as fast as I can, before that I have to replace the post that got burnt.