A gorilla dropped his glass.

I took the beautiful SASH out on Bullen Merri today in search of the lost ww1 cannon , we arrived at the boat ramp to find a broken stubby all over the ramp, people everywhere in bare feet , not a good start,DSCF1627.JPGDSCF1628.JPG



After picking up as much as we could we turned our attention to the mystery of the lost cannon.

the water at the ramp looked a little green and there was a strong northerly breeze across the lake,  we set of across the lake to a likely spot but the visibility in the water was poor and a speed boat with a skier in tow kept sending bow waves at us and some fishers on shore.


But alas it was no good, even though there was no sign of the algae that was present at the start of summer the water is green and after several days of sunshine I fear it will bloom again .

I think the next attempt to find the cannon will be mid winter when the water is at its best.

Tomorrow I am off to the Gellibrand to inspect some fish hotels hopefully with more success that today.



Bottle ohh

We as fishermen must call out those who would wreck our sport, people who take more fish  than is legal or that are  undersize but the worst breach of all is rubbish, not only is it an eyesore but it can be a hazard , things such as needles or like this latest case broken bottles , and keyboard greenies will use it to further limit our activities. I have reported this to the Corangamite shire and they assure me it will be cleaned up .



I took the beautiful SASH out for a fish the other day and two new of Blackfish Action Members members from south Australia   came along and they had a good time on undersized Black Bream on the Curdies river upstream of the hotel.


DSCF1587.JPGDSCF1588.JPGDSCF1589.JPGJarod and Andrew are both keen anglers , its great to see young people enthusiastic about fish and the environment.

The Curdies looks in good condition, its not open to the sea at the moment  so is high and full of fish that are just under size.