Purrumbete café

If you are heading to lake Purrumbete for a fish in this incredible lake, then drop into the Lake Edge Café , it’s a terrific spot to view the lake there’s great food and terrific service.




I took the beautiful SASH out for a fish the other day and two new of Blackfish Action Members members from south Australia   came along and they had a good time on undersized Black Bream on the Curdies river upstream of the hotel.


DSCF1587.JPGDSCF1588.JPGDSCF1589.JPGJarod and Andrew are both keen anglers , its great to see young people enthusiastic about fish and the environment.

The Curdies looks in good condition, its not open to the sea at the moment  so is high and full of fish that are just under size.


The bureaucracies that are tasked with the welfare of this lake should hang their heads in shame, on this blog and elsewhere we have condemned the Govt of NSW and Queensland of neglecting the Darling river, well we have the same ineptitude here in southwest Victoria to have Bullen Merri closed at the peak time of the year for holiday makers is madness and heads should roll.



If this does bloom not abate soon then fish kills are a possibility , as fishers, we place fish into these lakes in the hope of catching them one day , if we have a fish kill in this lake then thousand  of quality fish will die.

As a fish farmer I know there are solutions to this condition, the problem starts when the bureaucracies take control of the waterway assuring us people (the true owners) that they are the proper agency to manage the asset and then once they have control they sit on their hands and see this once beautiful lake destroyed.


Not Agro

In the literature  its said that blackfish are aggressive this is not right, in the video below you can see five or maybe six fish are excited but they are not aggressive instead I would say they are cautions and excited.


On the upside the fish look healthy not overly fat but that would be that they are just beginning to put on weight after a long winter, the pond there in is in great shape ,lots of weeds an over hanging tree branches , as yet I have not seen any blackfish young but there is still time.