Real Reel

This reel was part of my grandfathers collection and it was given to me when he died , its also worth noting given the time of year, that my grandfather was captured by the Japanese at the fall of Singapore in the second world war and spent the rest of his incarceration moving from Changi prison camp to the Burma railway and in the end the Americans found him in a coal mine in Japan and he was then liberated to Australia, he was a keen fisherman , I and my brother  spent many hours in a very small boat fishing the Murray , Broken , Wakati and all the other small rivers in the north of Vic .

He was a tough proud man and would not suffer fools, he was partly blind and his best mate was deaf , it was a delight to see them in a boat together.


Damn rocks

This video shows the wall of concrete and stone I have built around the front dam , this dam will give me about three or so megalitres to use through the dryer months,  I will put blackfish into the dam, I have already placed thirty odd shrimp into the dam for food for the fish, at night you can hear the frogs all around the dam so I suppose they or their tadpoles will also provide food for the fish.

Insects from the nearby trees should also provide food , and I will supplement their food with crickets and grubs and the odd worm .

In time i might invite fishers to come and fish for a blackfish and of course there will be a small entry fee.

Pond swamp 3

The pond is filling up nicely due to overnight rain , my policy is to use no chemicals or salt with these fish bacause if you look at the waters where they thrive the water is close to pristine and the water where they struggle not so much , first of all my stocking rates are low compared to a fish farm that is producing fish for consumption and my ponds are as close to natural as I can get them reeds weeds natural foods such as yabbies , crickets , moths , worms etc. seems to work.

Draining the swamp

Pond number three is getting ready for fish , this pond is the one I use for most of my yabbies  I have never had fish in it so now is its chance.

The black muck you can see in the net is ash from the fire  combined with dam sealer .

The blue drum has the aerator sitting on top of it so it doesn’t pick up the rubbish on the bottom of the pond.

Pond 1 action

This is a video I just shot at 11.20 am , the day is overcast and there is no wind , however these fish are more than happy to feed when there is food, some of the rivers and streams don’t have a great deal of in water food ie yabbies , I think these fish have become accustomed to feeding on insect and the odd worm that would wash in after rain, I have seen them stir up the bottom with their tales and then check in the cloud of detritus for something to eat.



Daytime blackfish

this is some footage I took yesterday , the tank these four blackfish are in is a cement farm tank that hold about 4  thousand litres of water , you can see these fish are actively hunter for food and no real aggression, that could change around mating time.

These fish are waiting to be fin clipped and their DNA tested to see if they are compatable with the fish in the Gellibrand system, if the test comes back good then we may be able to place them into a tributary of that system.