The Snobs are breeding Blackfish

Travis Dowling from fisheries has assured me that the hatchery at Snobs Creek are to attempt to breed River Blackfish along with other troubled fish such as Trout Cod, this is good news maybe at long last the Blackfish will get the recognition they deserve.





snobs creek This does not mean that I have given up on a southern hatchery I am just please there are finally experts who put their knowledge to the problems surrounding this fish, I wish them well.

2 thoughts on “The Snobs are breeding Blackfish

  1. They would be northern blackfish up there.A lot of major differences from the southern blackfish not just the size,they are hard to transport as they die very quickly out of water.The southern blackfish can live out of water wrapped in a damp towel for at least 4hrs as long as it’s kept cool .Besides that there are plenty of the northern blackfish .


    • There could be as many as seven different gene pools of blackfish , there is also a small blackfish that lives in the Wannon river so who knows, besides it could be years before fisheries even think about it.


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