Bullen Merri

I would like to thank the people who wrote and published this article in the Cobden coast times, hopefully it will make a difference, I know the author uses the lake often when it is free of algae but like most of us they are waiting for it to clear.






I took the beautiful SASH out for a fish the other day and two new of Blackfish Action Members members from south Australia   came along and they had a good time on undersized Black Bream on the Curdies river upstream of the hotel.


DSCF1587.JPGDSCF1588.JPGDSCF1589.JPGJarod and Andrew are both keen anglers , its great to see young people enthusiastic about fish and the environment.

The Curdies looks in good condition, its not open to the sea at the moment  so is high and full of fish that are just under size.