Riddell day

Tomorrow I am going to move last years brood fish ,young fish , fingerlings what ever you wish to call them,these fish should be going into local waterways but they are going into dams I have had to construct at my cost to house them, fisheries do not seem interested in native fish but if you want some trout well the flood gates open . my name is Sticks Mueller and I never give up, I will grow so many native blackfish here on this property that fisheries officers of the future will have no choice but to act. I have had great support from all the politician I have spoken to no matter there colour, but the individuals we put in power to look after the well being of native fish in Victoria have no interest in these great fish, believe me that will change I will advocate to government at all levels including federal  to see these people are replaced and proper custodians put in there place, people who are dedicated and passionate about the native fish of Victoria and eastern Australia in general. I should also mention that my blog regularly gets over 200 views and some times as many as 4500 so fisheries should take note this tax payer has had enough. if the PUBLIC SERVANTS AT FISHERIES DO NOT CALL ME ASAP I will make it my life mission to expose them as nothing but as frauds masquerading as environmentalist while sucking on the public teat.

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