Curdies trout

This trout was caught on a weighted fly in the Curdies river it was one of seven or so that I caught that year, they should not be in the Curdies river but they are and this will make stocking native blackfish that much harder, sharing the same food source  and both being top predators means that only mature blackfish will survive but of course their young should they breed will become food for the trout, I am not sure how far upstream the trout reach it maybe possible that deeper section of the river upstream may give the blackfish a safe place to breed. DSCF0814.JPG

2 thoughts on “Curdies trout

  1. I’ve pulled blackfish out of trout stomachs many times. The impact of trout on native fish, particularly historically but also today, is disgraceful. As are the widespread denials of this impacts. Contact me if you want some nasty trout predation photos.


    • dear Simon thanks for your comments yes please send the photos to yes it seems that putting trout into our waters is much easier than reintroducing native fish its a real head scratcher and frankly I don’t know how to get some action out of the powers that be, thanks again please keep in touch.


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