Mount Emu creek


Mount Emu creek is a substantial piece of water that drains a large area north of Camperdown in western Victoria and empties into the Hopkins river above the Hopkins falls near Warrnambool. talking to people in the area about the creek the word is that Blackfish were present some time ago but nobody has heard of any recent catches if anybody has any information about the fish in the creek please let me know, this creek is accessible to fishers at varies points along the length of the creek and should have river blackfish in it why does it not. As you can see by the debris on the bridge pylons this creek can flood DSCF0777.JPG


4 thoughts on “Mount Emu creek

  1. i went to school at Dixie, just south of Terang, over 60 years ago and we regularly caught Blackfish and Redfin in MT Emu Creek. There were very few trout around in those days. I suggest you touch base with Terang Angling Club as they fish that area regularly.


    • Thanks Paul yes I will catch up with all angling clubs in the area as I go along please feel free to post
      me more about the fishing in the creek especially from the early years before trout and redfin were present.


      • Plenty of trout around now. Most of my fishing is around Panmure- this is where I’ve heard the more recent reports of blackfish from. Never fished for them yet, need to get around to it, I’m keen to catch and release one.


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