DSCF0672.JPG This is a red back spider, this spider can give you nasty bite and make you very ill do not touch.


This food is for Murray Cod fingerlings but blackfish being a very similar fish will take this food and should do well, the largest fish of the fingerlings for 2015 breedingseason  are about 55 mm long , given that these fish are only about 2 months old that’s not bad . they seem to be doing better in the outside tanks , I think that is because they get some natural food from insects that they don’t get inside.DSCF0671


If you love the outdoors as much as I do then you must hate to see litter lying about .it is our responsibility  to make sure we leave a place as good if not better than we found it.

Today we were trying our new electric anchor winch out off the coast lady bay when I noticed this net floating in the water ,it is clearly a  pro fishers net torn off in heavy seas or come adrift somehow ,how it got there is not my problem . this could get around the neck off sea creatures or even around some bodies prop it would ruin your day ,so pick it up and destroy itDSCF0658.JPG responsibly .