Pond no 1 video

This pond is where all my young fish  have come from, I have kept 23 on site they are in pond no 4 and are nearly 3 years old and hopefully will breed , (these fish were impacted by the fires and their fate is unknown.)

Pond no 1 is holding fifteen fish of varying sizes all came from a dam on private property, some are old enough to breed here’s hoping .




Visitors to our dam, its spring time in Australia and there hundreds of ducks around at the moment, there are Wood ducks and a couple of Chestnut Teal and these mountain ducks.


It’s great to have nature around doing what nature does best.


A t the moment the Curdies is a brown strip running through the environment some of the silt is because of fire damage but some comes from poor farming practise this photo below is of a paddock on the river ( coloured line ) the waste to the farmer in lost top soil and nutrient is a real problem but the amount of silt in the river is overwhelming and if it persists for a long time many fish will perish.

erosion .jpg

Deep Down

Diving the drone ( fishsticks 11) deep into lake  Bullen Merri the thing I take from this is how green the water is, that would be all that nutrient that will later on become blue-green algae something needs to be done fast.



Nice spot

I went back down to Moorehouse bridge today to see if the place was still clean after the vandalism and it looked so good I made a small video of it to let those in other places know why people around here were so angry.


Plastic saved

Below are some pictures of the water tank that was burnt in the recent fires I have saved this tank and I am going to bury it on its side  on the farm it will go on holding water for years to come,


I first cut a circle out of what will be the top ( the worst burnt side ) and I screwed and glued it over the existing inlet. I didn’t weld this because I could not get the welder into a tight spot.DSCF1465.JPG

I then cut up a blue farm drum and made a patch to go over the original outlet.


and welded it in place.

and then noticing some damage on the side I cut another patch for it and welded it in place.



I will bury this tank on its side and fill it with water that I can use through the dryer months.